Hi, I am Bruce.

I am a creative person first, a photographer second.

This is the part where I tell you I’m an internationally published photographer that loves to shoot and create cool shit with work appearing in magazines, on billboards, in TV shows, on products and within ad campaigns. Self taught? Of course, and always learning. That may sound familiar, modest achievements most competent photographers could list as their own.

And yet, you’re reading this for a reason and I’ve written it for a reason – to make a connection in a moment that can last a lifetime.

From the time I could read, I would immerse myself in my grandfather’s magazines. Mechanix Illustrated and Popular Science were my favorites to glean information from. More importantly, reading them shaped my way of thinking, freeing me to daydream and envision what was possible. Man had not been to the moon yet, walkie talkies were magical, and when something broke it was fixed if possible. Those magazines showed me how to do it and dream about it. As I learned more and dreamt more, the process of thinking became an innate yet methodical way of being creative. Building model cars gave way to working on real cars which gave way to maintaining and restoring them. Since then, vintage and classic objects plus atomic era influences occupy special places in my creative soul of purpose, functions and form.

Mechanix Illustrated Popular Mechanics

I know of resiliency with a soul tempered by knowledge and time. At several points in life I’ve been knocked down. A studio and good portion of my life’s work were destroyed in a fire. I underwent two operations to have a tumor removed from my head then lost a pillar of wisdom and love that was my grandmother. Those are just highlights that all occurred within four month’s time. There was much to reflect on then. My dreams paused as I viewed the world differently. It became much more personal. Consumed with questions of “what remains, where is this going, and why?”, it eventually became time to reset life’s compass. Dreams were re-engaged, destinations re-acquired and creativity refueled. Being able to go from A directly to Z was again child’s play.

I’ve shared this portion of my past as it shaped the creative processes embraced today. Observing the pendulum of life swing through years of good times and bad has provided me with experience, perspective and scars. Yes, scars. I believe the more scars you have, the more human you become. It’s fitting as the work I create requires a very human touch and establishing a human connection is vital.

Now for The $64,000 question, who do I work with? The answer is as complex and as individual as the clients, collaborators and subjects engaged to date. They all share a trait however. They are very clear on their objective or simply state “do what you do” and entrust my creative processes.

If you’re looking for an artist’s statement, you’ll not find one here. My work does indeed speak for itself, especially to people who see their desires manifest within what I do. People that have entered careers in entertainment, graced runways and advertisements, become scientists, doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs and most importantly, parents.

With that thought I invite you to trust your intuition, but not in what I’ve done, what I do.
It’s much more than photography and watching pendulums collect stories.

Make contact soon and let me know how I may be of creative service, to you.


Did You Know…

Favorite Quotes
“The irony is this – if you don’t go in you can’t find out.” Richard Stine
“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” Confucius

Favorite Photos
Photographing clouds is bliss. It’s second only to creating a beautiful human portrait.

Favorite temperature
75 degrees while partly cloudy

Favorite hobbies
Pushing buttons
Making handmade calligraphy pens Ninepen.com

Yes, always



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